Systema for MMA

Many MMA fighters assume because Systema masters are relaxed that Russian Systema isn’t effective.
What’s the necessary tension to hurt somebody or take him down? Across all martial arts it’s the same: with higher mastery you need less force – less muscle tension.

Why should I incorporate Systema to my MMA training?

Systema focuses on being relaxed and uses breathing during hard work, taking a strike, or to endure under pressure..

A relaxed body uses less oxygen, it’s quicker, stronger and generally more efficient. Tension produces stress and a stressed man makes more mistakes…

Another aspect of the fight which Systema improves on is the bodywave (kinetic energy). Use a natural flow.

Kinetic energy is another aspect which improves your speed and power… And not just that, but to see the flow of bodywave on others allows you to recognise movement quicker – it improves your reactions.

Systema strikes look really easy (it is also easy), however the relaxed energy of a ‘dead weight’ strike (heavy hands) flows deeply into tissue.

Systema is not another martial art which teaches you any techniques or patterns. Systema is an extension which upgrades your own martial arts (e.g. BJJ, Muay Thai or boxing). With Systema you can still do your old techniques, however you will do them differently. You will be more relaxed and reduce the risk of injury.

Do you want to just copy others, or do you want to take advantage of being relaxed and flow into or with your opponent?

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