Does McGregor practice Russian Systema?

”The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail.”

Lao Tzu

What’s different about Conor McGregor?

In a time, when most MMA fighters believe that hard tension guarantees a destructive strike, he does the opposite – he relaxes himself and uses a flowing body…

Conor McGregor “Spaghetti Arms”

Old fashion ‘hard’ stylists are probably laughing at his weird  “spaghetti arms” movements..  They believe in solid construction, they don’t understand the benefits of the bodywave. Those who don’t understand this new aspect of movement will eventually become extinct  like dinosaurs…  The future is supple liquid warriors, and McGregor is one of the leaders of this movement.

Ido Portal – Just move


A different kind of mechanics demands a different training method. He chose a great coach: Ido Portal. His exercises create a fluid, faster and stronger body.

Ido Portal is part of the new ‘Flow Revolution’ which is happening now and not just in fighting sports. Waving movements are see on top football player Paul Pogba.

Flow and relaxation are not new inventions. Many Martial Arts use the bodywave, but only within restricted patterns of movement.

History tells of some ‘liquid warriors’: the Cossacks. They developed a liquid fighting system, which is known today mostly as Russian Systema. Systema is an incredibly rich source of knowledge and experience for everybody who want to really learn flow.

It is not a set of techniques, it’s a way of efficiency, based on flow and relaxation. It helps you to improve these factors, no matter what your background or style.



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