Why is Martial Art true Art?

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

Law of energy efficiency: “Use as little force as possible” leads a Martial Artist to flow smoothly & move lightly like dancers (of course that Martial Artists need to be sharper, more dynamic & are probably in different state of mind.).

Then, the Martial Artist create movements spontaneously as a proper artist. In the fight a Martial Artist often uses the right brain’s hemisphere (the holistic & creative; the left one is more linear). Bruce Lee calls it ’empty mind‘ or we also say: ‘going into the zone’.
Right hemisphere works in the present, so the Martial Artist better feels the moment.
Left hemisphere is analysing past & try to prepare for future. Left hemisphere is calculation with consequences & this produces fear.
In other words: in right hemisphere you don’t feel fear, you are just in the moment & do what you have to do.
For fight is also important that “artistic right hemisphere” is using experience form our ancestors –instincts & subconscious mind tool called intuition.

There is also other similarity with other “movements artists”: a dancer harmonises with music or also maybe with a dance partner; the Martial Artist harmonises with an opponent. Harmony is important aspect to protect the Martial Artist to find a gap & dis-harmonises – strike.

Art & Creativity is not just something secondary, it makes us different from animals.
By creating we express our marvellous entity.
Creativity & harmony make us  happy.
Creating is a privilege, which is definitely worth developing.