Systema London Bridge

Wednesday 7pm – 8.30pm

book yourself for extended lesson from 5.30pm

Training is on Leathermarket Gardens in front entrance to Bermondsey Village Hall (Kirby Grove, London SE1 3TD)

Price London:

first training free
1 training weekly £35 per month
1 training £12
double training (5.30-8.30pm) £15
10+3 card  (13 trainings ) £130  (value £169)
20+8 card (28 trainings) £200 (value £336)
private lesson 1st hour  £55 , following hours £35

Weekend private lesson available

£60 first hour, every following hours £35. (e.g. block of 3 hours cost £60+35=35= £130)



Systema is a smart martial art and self-defence system, based on being relaxed.
The aspects, which we are developing in Systema, are going across all kinetic activities: martial arts, sports, dance or yoga.

Contact Tibor 07788 538 272 for more details.